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Latoria D. Gee is a daughter, sister, friend, God-mommy (LaLa), and God-fearing woman. She is the owner & founder of ‘Creatin Dreamz by Lah LLC.’ Latoria is the author of her two books “Mixed Emotionz” & “Chapter: ‘YOU’.” She is a wise, intelligent, spiritual, educated, and knowledgeable leading lady of her generation. Latoria is such a great influential lady, who demonstrates power and strength. She is known to others by “Dr. Gee.”

Latoria is an accomplished Consultant with over 10 years of experience in providing professional services. Latoria always ensures she provides the best advice and recommendations to both organizations and individuals.  

She is so efficient at her job that she considers herself "The Dream Chaser.” Latoria has the ability to take unhealthy situations and transform them into healthy and thriving ones. Latoria has a way to pour into people spiritually that will change someone’s life immediately. She has such a unique gift when it comes to praying for others and speaking words of encouragement. 

Latoria caters to small businesses, non-profit organizations, and religious institutions. She works well with senior corporate executives and can provide consultations for local corporations. More than her role as a Business Consultant, she is also effective at persuading and influencing high-ranking individuals. Her opinions are highly valued, people trust and respect her judgments. Because of her skills, Latoria can produce productive and long-lasting results for anyone who interacts with her. 

Latoria is a member of Strayer University, Delta Sigma Theta. Latoria earned a Bachelor’s degree in business administration in 2017. Latoria is a 3.98 GPA academic alumna with Summa cum Laude notability. As a result, she is known for providing support to assist many people with launching businesses and coordinating events/conferences. 

Latoria is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. She also has a Master’s degree from Wilmington University in Human Resource Management that she obtained in 2019. Latoria focuses on supporting local small businesses with implementing effective strategies, policies, and guidelines. Latoria is a 4.0 GPA high-scholar graduate with Summa cum Laude prestige. Latoria is a Domestic Violence Advocate/Volunteer in New Jersey. As a result of obtaining her degrees, Latoria decided to become a Business Consultant; she creates solutions, facilitates training, and advises others in areas such as human resources, personal relationships, education, and business planning strategies. Latoria has recently become a personal concierge; her goal is to be the liaison for people, families, and organizations. She plans/coordinates funeral arrangements, helps with travel, advocates for medical patients, and handles basic legal matters.

Latoria is an inspiring Woman of God who enjoys singing, motivating, advocating, encouraging, and educating others. Latoria is committed to serving in her community at local food banks, nursing/rehabilitation homes, and children centers within the Tri-State Region.  Latoria’s aspiration has always been to maintain integrity, humility, and trust in God. She has stood on these words for over 15 years: Be Productive, Positive, and Proactive! She always reminds others that “YOU GOT THIS!!!”

Newest Release

At times, we find ourselves neglecting to prioritize ourselves because we are so busy focusing on everyone else’s needs. We then find ourselves becoming people pleasers. That then turns into saying yes, all the time. We look up years later and we have failed ourselves from an inward place to an outward disconnect. So, I wrote this book to encourage others to find time, ways, and activities to make it a goal and passion to focus and work on oneself daily.  The overall purpose is to inspire and encourage others to find and create ways to focus on their own self-care routines while maintaining a peaceful journey

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Latoria’s book, “Mixed Emotionz” The Uniqueness of my Life’s Journey. While many may ignore the various emotions they tend to experience on a daily basis, it is essential to address them appropriately and immediately. Interacting with people who do not know how to direct their feelings has caused Latoria to write about her life’s sentiments. The many feelings, moods, sensations, and miracles Latoria encountered throughout her life’s journey will take her viewers by a surprise. Being misunderstood while yet surviving life-threatening conditions, Latoria exposes herself to many people who may believe they really knew her. In this book, Latoria lost many vital people, things, and faith in God, however, she was able to rediscover herself through determination, confidence, her willpower, purpose, and commitment to God and herself. 

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